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Introducing… KAGUGU Primary School! by cmuprojectrwanda
April 20, 2010, 11:17 am
Filed under: Planning

We recently got confirmation for our school in Kigali and we couldn’t be more excited! The school has more than 4000 students attending!

We can now go ahead and plan our curriculum. A couple of things we are deciding on: how many kids and who to teach. Some of these kids can already use the laptops so we can teach them more complex activities such as programming but others have very minimum experience so we will have to teach them the basics.

The school day is divided into two parts: Younger kids go in the morning and the older kids arrive in the afternoon. We plan to teach two groups during the part of the day they will not be in school.

We are very interested to find out how we can teach the children because our methods of teaching are not even close to their methods of learning. We want to teach the students how to brainstorm ideas and collaborate. Our goals are to focus on the three T’s- Teach, Techy & Twitter

On a side note: We have three new members from Qatar Campus!!


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