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First Video Conference with Qatar members and LAPTOPS! by cmuprojectrwanda
April 24, 2010, 9:10 pm
Filed under: Planning

This past week has been a very exciting week for us!

Monday started off early with a video Conference with our new members @ CMU Qatar. The conference started at 8am US Eastern time and 3pm Qatar time. Despite the fact that most of us were going on less than 5 hours of sleep from the busy days of carnival, we were enthusiatic to meet our fellow members through the Samsung widescreen TV and have them jump on board with all our plans. Josh, Amy and Sruthi briefed Waleed, Abhay and Jimmy on our summit plans, however the meeting was not all business and we got to learn some interesting things about Qatar such as the current temperature in Doha reaches 100 degrees!

We also had another reason to be excited- our XOs arrived! The laptop is like nothing I have ever seen before! To describe it by one word- Cool. Although designed for children, the Laptop itself has many sophisticated activities where we can incorporate a lot of creativity and collaboration. Currently we are all trying to get accustomed to the Sugar Interface by downloading it on our personal computers and playing around with it.  You can do everything on it and more and it certainly made me rethink my $1200 macbook.

Wednesday and Thursday we secured further financial support and departmental support. We are very grateful to all the help we are receiving and the genuine interest around CMU campus about our project!


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