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Melvin’s Profile by cmuprojectrwanda
April 29, 2010, 6:52 pm
Filed under: Personal Profiles

Name:  Melvin Rayappa

Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Engineering and Public Policy

Minor: Robotics

Life Passion: Living up to the motto of my Jesuit highschool and being “A man for others”.  In my free time I enjoy watching movies and playing sports.

Why Project Rwanda: Personally, the main reason I have been able to attain such a quality higher education was through the scholarships so generously provided by benefactors who believed  that I could make the most of my education. So now I owe it up to return the favor and pass on the wonderful gift of education to children that truly deserve it.  If I can just teach one child something new during the trip, it will all be worth it (seriously). Who knows? Within the minds of these children could be locked the cure to cancer or AIDS  but education is the only missing key that information.

What do I plan to get out of it: I know that my visit to Rwanda will be a fruitful one because I will learn first hand about a new culture, people, and way of life. I hope that this trip will broaden my perspective and overall make me a more well rounded individual. I also hope that being a in a new environment will allow my team memebrs and myself to step outside our normal comfort zone and I will get to see another side of them I would not have in an academic environment.


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