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Abhay’s Profile by cmuprojectrwanda
April 30, 2010, 7:05 am
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Name:  Abhay Valiyaveettil

Major: Information Systems

Life Passion: Table-tennis, cricket (sport basically) , sand duning, CMU !!

Why Project Rwanda: The mission of the project itself stands out as the most important reason for me joining Project Rwanda. Empowering the youth of Rwanda- is such an interesting project to be a part of. I know that Rwanda is a developing country with not much technological infrastructure. At CMU-Q, we gained a lot of knowledge about technology and we also have access to abundant computers and other tech stuff. I would like to share all that I’ve learnt at CMU-Q with the Rwandan youth so that they can get inspired and work towards becoming successful leaders in future. I hope to introduce the Rwandan youth to several interesting yet basic computer applications. I also enjoy working in groups a lot and this project will be a great opportunity for me to interact with the Pittsburgh students and work together to achieve a common goal.

What do I plan to get out of it: I expect to get some great experience with community service. I would like to talk to the     youth of Rwanda, understand their problems and share my experiences with them. There is a   lot that I can learn from this trip. Adapting to the lifestyle in Rwanda is in itself a great learning experience for me. In Doha, life is pretty relaxing and luxurious; I want to experience the simple yet exciting life in Rwanda. Moreover, I expect to learn a lot from the students from the Pittsburgh campus. We could involve in a mutual discussion about life at  Carnegie Mellon-both in Doha and Pittsburgh, and identify the similar/different aspects of life at CMU.


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