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Scratch Lesson Plan updates by cmuprojectrwanda
May 4, 2010, 2:49 am
Filed under: Planning

Lesson planning for the two programming activities, Scratch and Etoys, has begun!

Scratch is a more basic program while Etoys is for advanced users. We agreed that since scratch was a simpler program, we would spend less time teaching the kids how to actually press the buttons and more time how to actually utilize Scratch in a more purposeful way. It’s not too difficult to launch the Scratch activity and put random blocks together to create a random animal moving is random directions. What is more challenging is to use Scratch to create a story with a setting, a plot, and different characters that interact with one another.

After some research we came across a great online resource to help us:

This site already had detailed lesson plans on how Scatch can be used by kids.
One plan that we all found particularly interesting was to use Scratch to tell a fable. This would allow the kids to use an activity on the XO laptop to tell a story while learning about story structure and a creative way to convey a moral. We could also tie in current Rwandan issues with the story.

There are still many possibilities and we are currently researching them and narrowing down our options.

Check out some fables made from scratch here:



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