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Nairobi Kenya. by cmuprojectrwanda
May 12, 2010, 3:01 pm
Filed under: Travelling

We are in africa!  After hours cramped inside British Airways, it is nice to finally have some space! We are all already on our computers, taking advantage of the free wifi and I figured it is time to make my first blog entry. Upon arrival, there was some confusion about our transfer details as our bags were only checked to Nairobi. Josh and I went to identify the bag with the help of an airport worker. However, as I am starting to learn, nothing is free in kenya. We located all our bags and had them checked to kigali but our helpful guide requested for reimbursement. Unfortunately neither Josh nor I had any money, but I hope we conveyed to him how helpful he was!! (I don’t think he cared too much since he left us after he found out we were poor college kids. But still THANK YOU!)

We are currently waiting for our last two member Abhay and Waleed and all of us are very excited to meet them. The temperature here is humid and I already feel the frizz in my hair. But that doesn’t matter because we are in Africa!

— Urna


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