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Day 1: Meeting with OLPC & Ministry Of Education Officials by cmuprojectrwanda
July 5, 2011, 1:16 pm
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After a really hectic day & NOT ENOUGH SLEEP, we finally headed our way to the OLPC offices after having breakfast in the convent. I was a bit surprised by the warm welcome I received from the OLPC offices from Jimmy, Jean Claude, Pedro and Desire’s(pardon moi french); I quickly realized how greatly they appreciated our presence. We also got to the newer version of the XO (version 1.5) which was not very different from the previous version; hence it was quite easy to use the interface. Since OLPC is now coordinated with the Government of Rwanda; we were facing issues regarding the school to teach; the students that would be taught and getting other requirements such as getting translators, projectors etc. We also had to wait for the call from the Ministry of Education to approve our plans.While waiting for the call (which was about 5 hours), Abhay, Humaira and Hammad came up with the lesson plans for the Tam Tam Session which we were assigned to & Kevin and Haddad were planning out the lessons for the Scratch session. Then, we went over it with Pedro who was giving us suggestions so as to improve the lesson plans and about the necessary changes that should be made. Abhay was also explaining about what was done last year with the lesson plans for Scratch and Tam Tam session. We met three adorable kids hanging around in the OLPC office for laptops.They were hanging around trying out the different applications in the one XO that was left.  It was also cute to see how they eagerly bonded with Kevin and were all smiles, not at all shy. By 2:30 pm, since we were all pretty tired, Kevin and Abhay volunteered to stay behind in the OLPC office and the remaining people headed back to the convent.

By 3:30 pm (finally!) the OLPC guys  finally got the call from the Ministry and Abhay and Kevin had to go through the public van which is a big van for like 10 people and apparently there were 15 people (that must be quite an experience) & then they explained our plans to the Ministry .

We have a major change right now; we wont be teaching the school that was taught last year; instead it will be an English speaking school.

After a fruitful day, there is one thing that’s on my mind…THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING & i m way too excited for tomorrow…!!!

Nabeeha Fatima Haque


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I was gonna say shabaab Hareem!!:p

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