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Three flights to get to our destination, Rwanda by cmuprojectrwanda
July 5, 2011, 1:05 pm
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Our journey started early morning in Doha International Airport and it ended at midnight in Kigali International Airport. Although it was tiring, we had fun most of the time. This time helped us to better understand each other and we got to know each other more. I got to know Abhay on more details and we had our “secret ” discussion throughout the flight. We had really nice discussions and stories between us, myself, Kevin, Humaira, Nabeeha and Hammad. We had fun, and we took the chance to form our strong group through the flight journey.

We did not stop at this point, we also got to know people from the Airport. For instance, we saw a guy wearing a T-shirt saying “Rwanda in Mexico!”. We were wondering what was happening. It turned out to be that they were the Rwandan football team (under 17); they just finished a competition in Mexico, and we got the chance to meet them on their way back home.

Two things surprised me in the trip:

I was really surprised with the weather; it is winter now in Rwanda. Compared to the heat of Doha, the weather here is so amazing; it is the time to sleep without an AC.

Also the streets and the way Rwanda looks, maybe because it is my first time to Africa, maybe!

Mohammed Al-haddad


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