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DAY 2: TEAM TAM TAM by cmuprojectrwanda
July 6, 2011, 12:59 pm
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OUR FIRST DAY OF TEACHING IS FINALLY HERE..!! But when we reached there we discovered that the laptops could not be accessed without the Ministry’s permission..(sigh)..!!so there was more WAITING involved..!!Hence, we decided to tour around the school in the meantime. The moment we reached the playground we were mobbed by a dozen school children. For once, I felt like a celebrity..LOL!! The kids were very eager to meet with us & shake hands & literally clung to us. By 10:15 pm, we met with the guy from the ministry who gave permission & we proceeded with checking the laptops with the OLPC people.  We had to start with the afternoon section because it was too late for the morning section where each section had two hours & by the end we swap with the other section. I was very nervous & felt like my first section did not go well. It was quite a large class & the laptops were not distributed in advance. I was a bit disappointed as I had to hurry though & was not sure of the responses from the students. During the swap Abhay gave helpful pointers such as to play more games. Hence I took those pointers & it really turned out fruitful. The kids were more responsive & we were also helped by the OLPC guys. At the end, it was very exhausting but it felt really wonderful to be surrounded by such a friendly atmosphere. Looking forward for the next day..:D!


Nabeeha Fatima Haque


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