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Not just another day by cmuprojectrwanda
July 6, 2011, 11:58 am
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Today was not ordinary as everyday of this trip in Rwanda, although it had so many difficulties, we chose to make an awesome day and we did. Today was the time for starting the business “teaching”. Not as I thought teaching is not an easy task, it is challenging but it has so much fun.  I would say my highlight for today was interacting with these students. There is so much more than what I expected. Everyday my expectations are always changing. I think the only thing that I would, and should expect, is to be ready for anything. Today was a big start and a very strong start for us. Today is just the beginning of our mini teaching experience, and it is big start of our learning experience.  One of the things that kind of made this day more challenging, not difficult, is the fact that it is hard sometimes to differentiate  between boys and girls.

One thing that shocked me and kind of made my day was when all the kids came around us saying Hi , How are you and giving us hugs. Sometimes it is really good to feel popular : P, it is was amazing, you kind of get a sense of what super stars and important people go through. Another thing that made my day was the fact that (I am considered to be a white) there is word that these school kinds always say when the see us, which means white.

I would end up my post for Today with this fact, Africa is not that bad after all, to be honest it is amazing. Is this my last trip to Africa, no I did not think so, it is just the beginning 😀

Mohammed Al-haddad


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