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DAY 2: by cmuprojectrwanda
July 7, 2011, 12:17 pm
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After an intense night of  planning, I was looking forward to this day. Today we taught both the morning and the afternoon sessions. After a not so good start to the first class of the morning session, I was really happy to see how they responded to today’s class. They were very responsive; even answered couple of questions during the recap. Then we played a game called “I like” which was very similar to last year’s trip. The kids enjoyed the game very much & I was happy to see them overcome their shyness. We then proceeded on with the aim to teach them another music application called “Tam Tam Jam”. It was in this program, that we introduced the concept of loops as well as musical loops to the children. For better understanding, Hammad, Humaira and I carried out a set of beats in a continuous manner & even asked the children to repeat it with us. We also taught them how to play different instruments via concept keywords such as “PLAY- color” & “STOP – white” which indicated that when the instruments were in play mode they would have a colored background; & have a white background when in stop mode. We then allowed them to play around the application. The second class did not go smoothly due to sound issues. Henceforth, they are a little behind (they did not reach the concept of joining loops yet) but otherwise they showed similar results to the first class & we ended with a round of “Simon says”. (Hammad was pretty hilarious with his bhangra & I felt Like I was a having a Physical Education class. …but it was fun nonetheless.

It was my first time with the afternoon session (the morning & afternoon sessions go on rotation;i.e., if today Class X and Y had afternoon session & Class A and B had morning session, then tomorrow,  Class X and Y would have morning session, & Class A and B would have afternoon session). Our team (Hammad, me and Humaira) were quite drained out (morning session was for four hours) & worried over the fact that we wont be as successful with then as we were with the one yesterday. But Hammad and Humaira did quite a good job of taking over the ice braekers & going on withe class ( I would have never been able to carry out the way I did if it weren’t for them). We ended the class early for them where they played around with other programs such as the “Foodattack” game & the camera. (It was quite amusing to see them snap pictures of themselves posing & also they took a lot of photos of Humaira..she has quite a fanclub…:))

It was another exhilarating day..bu I m really unsure of what we will do for tomorrow since it will be our last day…OUR FINALE…..*drum rolls*…!!!!


Nabeeha Fatima Haque



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