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Teaching after a while becomes an adventure by cmuprojectrwanda
July 7, 2011, 12:12 pm
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Today’s ends with some really good results. After a night full of discussion, we came up with a plan where we do not really know if it works or not. We reached the intended goal for today, Forever loop with a condition and couple of different actions.  It is so amazing the look that the students had , it is like we did such a great job, this fun to do. Although we were disturbed by the noise of “Myo” they were making and keep doing, it was fine. Of course we saw different levels of understanding and different styles of learning we should be accommodate and pay attention to.  I believe the key for being a good teacher, is to be patient. Which I am not to be honest especially with my family or friends, I am not a patient teacher at all. I think this teaching adventure helped a lot learn and understand so many things.

Today we reached our goal, with some difficulties and complexities. Tomorrow is more challenging. The main issue we have is the complexity; personally I was afraid that students will not be able to understand this because it is kind of complicated. Now we are dealing with more complex situation, what is the next complex, fun thing they should be able to do. We still do not have the answer. Hopefully by dinner we have an answer, if not, I am not going to have enough sleep L


Mohammed Al-haddad


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