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DAY 5: TOURING KIGALI by cmuprojectrwanda
July 9, 2011, 1:54 pm
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Its the second last day of my stay here & I really wish we had a few more days with the kids and even roaming around in Kigali…!!!!We started the day at OLPC where we had a final gathering with the schoolkids and also had a meeting with the a parents. So, for three hours, we met around with the kids, taught them other applications, played games…in other words HAD FUN…!!!I was feeling so heavyhearted while saying goodbye to the kids. We bid adieu to the kids and the parents  and left for UTC to meet the CMU students from Pittsburgh – Alimo & Jinsub. Then we talked about for a while & had lunch at Zaffran (another Indian restaurant).

After lunch, we took a 15 minute walk (& took a lot of pictures on the way) to the local shops of Kigali for souvenirs. Then we headed to Kigali Memorial Center along with Jinsub. I have no words to describe the feelings that went through me as I walked through the different rooms inside the memorial (I don’t have much knowledge about the history of Rwanda but I was aware of the genocide that took place). They had detailed accounts of the mass killings as well as skeletal remains on display which was quite a shocking sight. It was especially heart wrenching to see the pictures of kids aged 2 to 11 years old & then see the causes of their death depicted next to their pictures. It was quite hard for me to see the graves & was pretty quite after the trip. It made me appreciate my efforts here & I feel really wonderful to help this country which has gone through such terrible times via education.

I am looking forward to my last night in Rwanda. I am really going to miss all of this….!!!!


Nabeeha Fatima Haque


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Hello Fatima,

Thank you so much for everything you are doing for Rwandan Children.

Alice Cyusa
(a Rwandan Mom)

South Bend, IN

Comment by Alice Cyusa

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