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So one day to go! by cmuprojectrwanda
July 9, 2011, 1:23 pm
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Our last night in Rwanda, finally we are almost done. Today we had our last chance to interact with the kids. Our last session with them was informal. We had their parent come and the parents were so happy and glad with the result that we have achieved with their kids. Tomorrow we leave Rwanda going back home, after helping these kids learn something new. A week just passed really quickly, we had so much fun, the kid had fun, everyone is happy. There is so much in my mind, I cannot really express everything. I think that is happening because I am going to miss Rwanda so much. I am going to miss everything about Rwanda especially those kids. Although they drove me crazy so many times, but they have taught me how to be patient. Rwanda was not a learning experience only for the kids; it was a big learning experience for me.  I know that my blog post today is not as good as the ones before ,sorry!

Maybe I will end this post with the quick story, looking back when thing did not work or looked like it is not going to work. Everything was putting us down, we almost gave up, and cancel the whole trip. But do you know what makes the difference; it was us, if we gave up from the beginning or eve at the end we would be here. Yes things are though sometimes, but we have to keep trying and tiring until the end, we should not stop at any point. From point of view, the motto for this trip should be “Giving up is not an option for us ”


Mohammed Al-haddad

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