CMU Project Rwanda

CMU Project Rwanda

We are a grassroots group of students, hoping to initiate a relationship between Carngie Mellon Univeristy and Rwanda.

Project Rwanda will take place from May 11-May 22, 2010. Students from both CMU campuses will travel to one of the Rwandan schools that have been provided with laptops through the OLPC program. We wish to explore the different functions of these laptops with the children, and to show them the different ways in which it may be used both for educational purposes, and as a means of expression and exploration. As these children are tomorrow’s leaders, we would like both the CMU Pittsburgh and Qatar campuses to establish a presence in the country, and connections with the youth at this early stage so that they we will continue to welcome us in the future. Furthermore, Carnegie Mellon University’s College of Information Technology (CIT) wishes to build a “Center of Excellence” in Rwanda in the coming years. On a micro level, we will be preparing these students for the future possibility of studying at this center of excellence, further connecting Carnegie Mellon with Kigali, Rwanda.

The impact will not stop with our visit to Kigali, but will continue for years to come as we look to establish a pen-pal mentorship program between CMU students and the children of Rwanda. Therein lies the sustainability of our project, as we will remain in contact with these children, serving as mentors and friends, continuously encouraging them to continue on their paths for higher education and to flourish as leaders in their nation.


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