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April 30, 2010, 7:17 am
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Name: Jim Musili

Major: Business Administration with a minor in information systems

Life Passion:Solving existing/emerging challanges in the global community and changing people’s lives. The other side of me is full of traveling, meeting people, music, playing sports and trying new things.

Why Project Rwanda: Developing a sense of Rwanda community and I would like to participate in improving their lives’ through this project and sincerely I enjoy a feeling of accomplishment when I am affecting others positively. I believe technology is the main front in preparing young Rwandese to major developments and future leaders.

What do I plan to get out of it: Am expecting a lifetime experience that will make me learn and witness situations in our global communities. I believe technology is a major impact in assisting developing countries. I hope to observe and understand how technology can be a major boost in educating the Rwandese young generation.

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April 30, 2010, 7:05 am
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Name:  Abhay Valiyaveettil

Major: Information Systems

Life Passion: Table-tennis, cricket (sport basically) , sand duning, CMU !!

Why Project Rwanda: The mission of the project itself stands out as the most important reason for me joining Project Rwanda. Empowering the youth of Rwanda- is such an interesting project to be a part of. I know that Rwanda is a developing country with not much technological infrastructure. At CMU-Q, we gained a lot of knowledge about technology and we also have access to abundant computers and other tech stuff. I would like to share all that I’ve learnt at CMU-Q with the Rwandan youth so that they can get inspired and work towards becoming successful leaders in future. I hope to introduce the Rwandan youth to several interesting yet basic computer applications. I also enjoy working in groups a lot and this project will be a great opportunity for me to interact with the Pittsburgh students and work together to achieve a common goal.

What do I plan to get out of it: I expect to get some great experience with community service. I would like to talk to the     youth of Rwanda, understand their problems and share my experiences with them. There is a   lot that I can learn from this trip. Adapting to the lifestyle in Rwanda is in itself a great learning experience for me. In Doha, life is pretty relaxing and luxurious; I want to experience the simple yet exciting life in Rwanda. Moreover, I expect to learn a lot from the students from the Pittsburgh campus. We could involve in a mutual discussion about life at  Carnegie Mellon-both in Doha and Pittsburgh, and identify the similar/different aspects of life at CMU.

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April 29, 2010, 6:52 pm
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Name:  Melvin Rayappa

Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Engineering and Public Policy

Minor: Robotics

Life Passion: Living up to the motto of my Jesuit highschool and being “A man for others”.  In my free time I enjoy watching movies and playing sports.

Why Project Rwanda: Personally, the main reason I have been able to attain such a quality higher education was through the scholarships so generously provided by benefactors who believed  that I could make the most of my education. So now I owe it up to return the favor and pass on the wonderful gift of education to children that truly deserve it.  If I can just teach one child something new during the trip, it will all be worth it (seriously). Who knows? Within the minds of these children could be locked the cure to cancer or AIDS  but education is the only missing key that information.

What do I plan to get out of it: I know that my visit to Rwanda will be a fruitful one because I will learn first hand about a new culture, people, and way of life. I hope that this trip will broaden my perspective and overall make me a more well rounded individual. I also hope that being a in a new environment will allow my team memebrs and myself to step outside our normal comfort zone and I will get to see another side of them I would not have in an academic environment.

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April 26, 2010, 7:14 pm
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Name: Vishal Agrawal

Major: Electrical & Computer Engineering

Life Passion: Use technology as a medium to change the world for the better

Why Project Rwanda: I have always wanted to give back to society. Having lived in Dubai most of my life there was very little I could do. Project Rwanda, offers me that very opportunity where I can work with children and equip them with the priceless tool of education with the OLPC program. The reason I chose Project Rwanda over similar projects here at Carnegie Mellon is because I strongly believe that it is in “God’s Continent” that such humanitarian efforts are most needed.

What do I plan to get out of it?: The satisfaction of being able to make a difference in the life of a child in a country ravaged by war and genocides is what I want to take away from Project Rwanda. I also, hope to learn and grow individually from the experience.

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April 23, 2010, 9:48 am
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Name: Waleed Ali Khan

Major: Business Administration with minors in Computer Science and Professional Writing

Life Passion: To become an involved global citizen and to find happiness through intellectual exploration and self discovery.

Why Project Rwanda: I am so proud of Rwanda and how it has recovered so quickly from the economic and political turmoil in its past. It gives me hope that my country, Pakistan, can do the same. Project Rwanda is also special because it shows us that we can help not only through material support, but also through ideas. I am excited to see how one laptop can change the life of not only one person, but everyone around him/her.

What do I plan to get out of it?: Firstly, I have never visited the African continent before, so I hope to have a better perspective of the world. I hope to be inspired by the stories of the children I will be teaching, and to have a better sense of purpose for my own life.

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April 20, 2010, 12:50 am
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Name: Amy Badiani

Major: International Relations & Policy and Management

Life Passion: Upholding human rights, exploring the intricacies and heritage of different cultures, what they value, and what makes each of them unique. I also love to dance, recycle, and can make a mean cheesecake.

Why Project Rwanda: Education is currently a luxury for children in Rwanda when it should be a fundamental right of highest priority. These children are yearning to be able to learn and grow just like children in developed countries. The Project is aimed to empower and inspire, and it has already empowered and inspired me to think outside of the bubble and truly do something that matters.

What do I plan to get out of it?: The ability to use my skills to have a global impact, the opportunity to serve children, and a bigger and bolder child at heart attitude.

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April 19, 2010, 10:19 pm
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Name: Joshua Debner

Major: Electrical & Computer Engineering

Life Passion: Capturing the world around me one frame at a time. Trying to think different and make a difference.

Why Project Rwanda: Rwanda has been the center of the OLPC and an active supporter of the program. I want to see how effective it has been and try to help improve the program at the epicenter of its African efforts.

What do I plan to get out of it?: Create a sustainable and meaningful impact which develops into a continuing CMU-Rwanda partnership.