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Our journey into the countryside! by cmuprojectrwanda
May 16, 2010, 1:20 pm
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Today was a free day for us and we took time to venture out into the country.
Picture 1.
The scenery was breath-taking and we quickly understood why Rwanda was known as the land of the thousands hills.
Picture 2
I like this picture because of the pride of the kid. We attracted quite a crowd as we stopped to enjoy the scenery and he caught my eye because even though his clothes were tattered he remained composed and observing us.  To me he represented the rwandan statute. They walk straight, their head is always held up high and they exude a certain elegance, even the kids.
Picture 3
Aside from the colorful prints of their native clothes, this mother and child caught my eye because while the crowd engulfed us, she looked at us from afar. Something in me wanted to reach out to her. She was very happy to see her picture in my camera.
Picture 4
He was just sitting there observing me take pictures and I found it interesting to think that I was more of an entertainment for him as the scenery and the crowd was entertaining for me! The guavas in his hands were also interesting because its a fruit grown throughout rwanda. The furry mess to his side is actually a coat of a young fellow. It was coarse to the touch and I wondered what it is made of. The climate in the hills is drastically cooler than that of kigali and most of them had on jackets and hats.
Picture 5&6
I took this picture because of the color blocking and the scarf. The rwandian woman take pride in their looks and when I showed them the picture, they wanted to take a picture with me! I was honored. And when we left the area she came around to shake my hand. I was touched by how warm and welcoming they were and you could see the trust and friendship in their eyes. Another interesting fact is the half-hidden face of the woman in the middle. I really wanted to photograph her because of how she tied her child securely around her with a scarf, which i noticed many rwandan females did as well as her beautiful smile. She was very shy! but I think through that half hidden smile, she was flattered and she had a fun time.

Nairobi Kenya. by cmuprojectrwanda
May 12, 2010, 3:01 pm
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We are in africa!  After hours cramped inside British Airways, it is nice to finally have some space! We are all already on our computers, taking advantage of the free wifi and I figured it is time to make my first blog entry. Upon arrival, there was some confusion about our transfer details as our bags were only checked to Nairobi. Josh and I went to identify the bag with the help of an airport worker. However, as I am starting to learn, nothing is free in kenya. We located all our bags and had them checked to kigali but our helpful guide requested for reimbursement. Unfortunately neither Josh nor I had any money, but I hope we conveyed to him how helpful he was!! (I don’t think he cared too much since he left us after he found out we were poor college kids. But still THANK YOU!)

We are currently waiting for our last two member Abhay and Waleed and all of us are very excited to meet them. The temperature here is humid and I already feel the frizz in my hair. But that doesn’t matter because we are in Africa!

— Urna