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Abhay Valiyaveettil by cmuprojectrwanda
June 28, 2011, 1:37 am
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Major: Information Systems

Class of 2013

Activities: Table-tennis, Cricket, Volleyball, Community Service, Sand-duning


Why CMU Project Rwanda?

Last year, the experience was totally amazing. It was great to see the developments in Rwanda and the people were very warm and welcoming. I really enjoyed working with the Pittsburgh group there and it was a great eye-opener for me to community service. In particular, the smiles on the kids’ faces while we were there was the most satisfying experience. I believe this project must continue and we must help out the great people at One Laptop Per Child, who have come this far and have done a great job in bringing education to the nation. Last but not least, I really think of it as a great way to share the knowledge that we are privileged to have gained. Not everyone is fortunate enough to learn in good schools and having had that opportunity, I think I must share the knowledge that I have gained. As Nicholas Negroponte has said, this is not a laptop project, it is an education project.


CMU Project Rwanda 2.0 by cmuprojectrwanda
June 28, 2011, 12:57 am
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Welcome all !!

This year, Carnegie Mellon is returning to Rwanda with seven members from it’s Qatar campus. The project is similar to last year’s and the group aims to follow up on the learning and development at the Nonko Primary School in Kigali. The journey begins on the 3rd of July 2011 and wil go on until the 10th of July. After a very competitive application process,  5 students were selected to participate in the project.  They are:

Abhinav Vemuri

Humaira Tasnim

Mohammed Al-haddad

Muhammad Hammad Abbasi

Nabeeha Haque

Abhay Joseph from CMU Project Rwanda 1.0, would be guiding the group from the front. In addition to this team, Kevin D’arco from Student Affairs at CMUQ will also be participating in the project. He is also the group facilitator for the project.

To know more about the team members, please take a look at the personal profiles section.