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Finally big goal achieved by cmuprojectrwanda
July 8, 2011, 12:35 pm
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Today was a big day, very tiring but we have achieved big goals for today. Today I am confident to say that these kids know the principle and basic of programming really well. Looking back at all the challenges and issues when have been through, what we have achieved today is amazing. Different combination of commands, on various levels of difficulties, to get to that point with kids in age of 8 to 11 is a very big thing. Today patient was the key of our success; we have to patient in everything. Kids today were so happy and delighted with the results they achieved. The sad thing of today, those kids did not really understand or accept the fact that we are leaving and this is our last day. When we told them bye we are leaving, they said see you tomorrow or see you on Monday. What is more sad for today, was to girls from grade 6 came to me and asked me when are you coming to teach us. Yes very limited resources problem. But let’s think about in this way, what if each one of us, with “relatively limited and short experience” came and helped these students for couple of days, can make the difference? Can we help this large number of students? Can we make a big difference together?

I believe the answer is yes, of course we can do it, let’s not forget the benefits and the experience you as person will gain from this kind of experience. Then who is up for Rwanda?

Mohammed Al-haddad



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